MIG/TIG/MMA 3-in-1 Welding Machine PLM255
1.High frequency inverter, waveform control and soft switch technology, digital panel display, advance setup function;/ 2.Current and voltage can be regulated continuously at a wide range, automatic voltage pulsation compensation;/ 3.High welding speed, high success rate of arc striking, convenient and considerable for operation with wire deliver device;/ 4.Compact structure, energy saving, high efficiency, less welding distortion;/ 5.We can also make the machine with AC 440v input voltage;/ 6.Applicable for sheet over 0.8 mm, continuous and discontinuous welder;/ 7.Suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, soft steel, etc., and also suitable for various wire;/ 8.Complete accessories: welding torch, earth clamp with cable, etc.
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IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutter
1.IGBT inverter technology and precision constant current feedback control technology, soft switch, DC output, high working efficiency;/ 2.Wide working voltage range, strong adaptability to electricity power grid, high ability of interference resistance, stable cutting current and steady arc, automatic voltage compensation;/ 3.Thermostatic protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection;/ 4.Secondary boost for arc initiation, ensure no breakdown of the coil;/ 5.Intensive arc, high cutting speed, narrow and smooth kerf, continuous current regulation, little distortion for work-piece, safety and reliable for operation;/ 6.Applicable to automatic cutting equipment;/ 7.Suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy metal, etc. ;/ 8.Complete accessories: air cooling cutting torch, earth clamp, compressed air regulator, etc.
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Friction Welding Machine- Drill Pipe Type FWM-32SF
1.Friction welder connects different metal such as aluminum and steel, copper and aluminum, titanium and copper, nickel alloy and steel;/ 2.Automatic loading and unloading; High degree of automation; Adapt to unmanned factory requirements; Adapt to different sizes of materials; / 3.Suitable for malleable metal engineering materials; Major welding technology of drive shaft in electric machinery plant and auto parts factory.
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